They say that life begins after coffee. On many mornings, I’d have to agree.

While you can’t buy happiness, you can buy coffee. And coffee is happiness in a cup. Quotes from historical figures and literary legends prove that:

  • “I’d rather take coffee than compliments just now.” – Louisa May Alcott
  • “I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.” – T.S. Eliot
  • “Coffee is a beverage that puts one to sleep when not drank.” – Alphonse Allais

At Frayed Passport, we talk a lot about traveling. Different people have different preferences for destinations, depending on their hobbies, language skills, life perspective and more. We put together this article specifically for people who have a passion for coffee (and/or addiction to coffee).

After all, if you’re a coffee lover and enjoy traveling, it makes sense to combine the two passions and visit a country or city known for great coffee. Here, we’ll cover the world’s top destinations for coffee lovers, highlighting great countries and cities for enjoying your favorite brew.

Grab a cup of joe and start reading.

Top Country Destinations for Coffee Lovers

The World's Top Destinations for Coffee Lovers - Frayed Passport

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Certain countries are known for their coffee production, as they have a climate and landscape perfectly suited to coffee farming. Visiting a coffee-producing powerhouse offers you direct access to freshly roasted coffee. For instance, Brazil and Vietnam combine to produce nearly 55% of the world’s coffee, according to Visual Capitalist data.

Additionally, some countries, such as Costa Rica, may not produce as much coffee as larger countries like Indonesia, but their coffee is known for its very high quality. You should consider these destinations as well.

Below, we list the best 5 countries for coffee lovers to visit.

Costa Rica

Known for sweet, shade-grown beans, Costa Rica’s mountainous Central Valley, which spans from San Jose to Monteverde, is home to some of the best coffee plantations in the world. Coffee producers adhere to high standards for quality and sustainability, and you can taste the difference as soon as you take a shot of espresso, sip a cold brew, and more.

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Chances are you have bought Colombian coffee plenty of times at the store. Colombian coffee comes from the central region, an area featuring beautiful mountain ranges and fertile valleys that are known as the “Coffee Axis”. Even if you don’t make it there, you can enjoy the country’s delicious coffee in Colombia’s main cities, Medellín, Bogotá, and Cali, all of which boast an incredible coffee scene.

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Kenya produces exceptional coffee, robust in flavor and low in bitterness. Grown at an average elevation of 6,000 feet, Kenyan coffee has a fruity, spicy flavor that you just can’t find elsewhere. Kenya is very proud of its coffee industry, and diving into the coffee culture is a must if you’re visiting. You can enjoy local coffee at a cafe in Nairobi and even take a tour of a coffee or tea farm.

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Vietnamese coffee is popular across the world. Using medium- or dark-roast beans, the drink is made by pouring hot water through the grounds into a cup of condensed milk. The result is a rich, sweet and powerful brew that you’ll love. In addition to making great coffee recipes, Vietnam is the second-biggest producer and exporter of beans in the world. Without a doubt, this Southeast Asian nation is a must-stop destination for coffee lovers. Cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City have bustling coffee scenes, and you’ll enjoy stopping for a cup each day you’re there.

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Thanks to climates and landscapes ideal for growing coffee, Brazil is the giant of the coffee industry, producing over one-third of the world’s coffee. With 14 major coffee-producing regions, including São Paulo, Espírito Santo, and Bahia, Brazil’s coffee is amazingly diverse, with flavors for every preference. You can enjoy all sorts of coffee in Brazil’s cosmopolitan cities and even go on tours of coffee farms throughout the country, from the northwest state of Rondônia to the coastal areas around Rio de Janeiro.

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Visit One of the Top Destinations for Coffee Lovers Today!

We hope this article made you want to at least have a cup of good coffee. We also hope you’re inspired to explore your passion for coffee as you travel. The countries and cities listed in this article are all great destinations for coffee lovers, but it’s by no means a complete list. There are plenty of other countries and cities around the globe with great coffee to offer.

Where’s the best coffee you’ve ever had? Do you have any other destinations to add to this list? Join the community and start the conversation.

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