“Getting away from it all” doesn’t always have to mean visiting remote landscapes or laid-back beaches. Here are 19 gorgeous cityscapes around the world!

1: Shanghai (Pudong Section), China

2: Marrakech, Morocco

4: Tokyo, Japan

5: Moscow, Russia

6: Cairo, Egypt

7: Amsterdam, Netherlands

8: Seoul, South Korea

9: Havana, Cuba

10: New York City, USA

New York City, USA - Frayed Passport

Via Pixabay.

11: Cape Town, South Africa

12: San Jose, Costa Rica

13: Nairobi, Kenya

14: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

15: Auckland, New Zealand

16: London, England

17: Washington, D.C., USA

18: Paris, France

19: Sydney, Australia

What are your favorite cityscapes? Post your favorites below!

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