Publishing Information and Editorial Guidelines

If you have an original article or story you’d like to share on Frayed Passport, feel free to send it along for publication consideration. Many of the resources and stories you’ll find here are contributed by the community—sharing advice and anecdotes from diverse voices helps to keep Frayed Passport interesting, educational, and fun!

Publishing Criteria

We accept the following types of submissions:

  • Personal stories: From individuals looking to share personal stories and thoughts in a non-promotional manner. You may include links to your website and networks only in a short bio at the end of your story, but the article itself cannot be promotional.
  • Promotional guest posts: If you want to include any type of promotion whatsoever within the body of your post—that is, if your reason for submitting an article is so that you can share a link to your own or a client’s website, landing page, article, etc.—that’s a promotional guest post, and you would be considered an advertising partner.
    • These articles don’t need to conform completely to the personal stories guidelines—for example, you may include links to your own or a client’s website throughout your piece. However, you must follow our guidelines for attribution and so on.
    • Submissions and links must be family- and work-safe, and must be relevant to the Frayed Passport audience. Please read our Advertising & Partnerships page for more information.
    • Articles must be written by a human, and must be edited and fact-checked prior to submission. If we believe a draft doesn’t fit our criteria for quality or relevance, we’ll let you know so that you can find another platform that’s better suited for it.
    • For information about pricing and other details, please contact our editor-in-chief at
  • Freelance writing: We aren’t onboarding new writers at this time, but please check back for updates.

All submissions must be original (not published elsewhere), longer than 500 words, and must be family- and work-safe.

You must hold the rights to any media included, or you must send along a link to your source plus the license to use this work (e.g., if you found an image on Pexels, please share the original link to the image on Pexels).

Content must meet Frayed Passport’s editorial quality standards; submissions may be edited by our team for grammar and formatting, and if substantial edits are needed, we will give you a heads-up to decide whether you’d like to send your article to another platform, or to resubmit with edits. If we choose not to publish a submitted article, we will inform you. We are not interested in unedited, AI-generated articles.

Your contact information and a link to the front page of your website can be included in your bio.

Submission Process

We greatly value the time and energy spent to prepare an article, and we’re appreciative of this hard work and investment. The process you can expect after submitting your article is the following:

  1. A reply with any questions regarding the content will be sent to you within 7 days of submission.
  2. If accepted for publishing, you can expect your article to be published within 1—3 weeks after acceptance of the final version.

Inquiries that we believe are from content mills, purely AI-generated, or that otherwise are obviously low-effort will not receive a response.

Formatting Instructions

Please include all of the following information with your submission:

I. Title

Maximum 70 characters.

II. Snippet

The snippet gives a high-level overview of the article, and should be up to about 160 characters.

III. Article Body

  • Total word count: 500+ words
  • Sub-headings: Please insert sub-headers to separate concepts (H2, H3, etc.)
  • References should be linked inline as anchor text or included as citations at the end of the article.
  • You’re encouraged to insert some non-promotional links to related topics or further reading inside your text. Links must be to educational resources (e.g., embassy information portals), and not to sales pages, landing pages, product or service pages, or similar, unless you are an advertising partner and you’re submitting a promotional guest post. We will let you know if we choose not to include a link altogether.

IV. Images

Please include all photos or graphics as separate attachments, not embedded into your article document. Preferred formats are JPG or PNG. Please do not include any low-resolution or thumbnail images. If you are using an image that you do not personally own (such as a stock photo) please include a link to the original image on the platform where you found it.

V. Author Bio

After the article text, you’re strongly encouraged to provide a short bio. If there are multiple authors, please fill in the same information separately for each. Feel free to include your social media profiles, personal or professional website, and contact information.

Please send all queries to