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Sarah StoneIt’s great to meet you! I’m Sarah Stone, Editor-in-Chief here at Frayed Passport. My work in the travel space started in 2005, when I joined an internship with the Peace Corps, and I’ve been bouncing around in communications and development for private sector travel companies (and other innovative places) ever since.

I’ve been to 20+ countries and have had the fantastic opportunity to live and work in Canada, Portugal, Panama, and lots of other gorgeous destinations as a digital nomad—Miami is my home base now, where I live with my wonderful husband Dave and our Peruvian street dog Mimi.

Frayed Passport has published hundreds of stories and guides over the years, and we’re always on the lookout for creative, original, and inspiring thoughts and advice from fellow travelers. If you’d like to publish on our platform, have a look at our editorial guidelines—and of course if you have any questions, please email me at

Happy Travels!


Our writers all are lifelong travelers—in addition to being brilliant researchers who can build the detailed resources and guides you’ll find on Frayed Passport, they know exactly what it’s like to strike out on your own and to explore the world.

A Few of Our Regulars

Nick Callos: Personal finance, jobs and careers, travel lifestyle

Hannah Shewan Stevens: Personal travel stories, LGBTQ+ travel, solo travel

Nahla ElKazak: In-depth guides, travel planning

Joseph W. Smith III: Personal travel stories, US travel, outdoor and adventure travel

Robin Van Auken: Adventure travel, jobs and careers, travel lifestyle

Lance Van Auken: Personal travel stories, US and European travel

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