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Our intent with Frayed Passport is to connect and provide resources for those who want to build location-independent careers—so you don’t need to cram all of your travel into one week out of the year. We publish long-form and in-depth articles, and this fall we’re launching a multimedia travel guide series to help you learn how to build a career that lets you work from anywhere in the world. About half of the content on Frayed Passport deals with how to break into freelancing, start your own company, find jobs that allow you to work remotely, or even develop habits that will allow you to retire early or semi-retire so that you can be more mobile. All other articles and stories focus on travel tips, amazing destinations, thoughts and stories from travelers, and fun tidbits like foodie travel, bucket list experiences, and lots more.

Frayed Passport is a community-driven platform, so a lot of the articles and resources are contributed by fellow travelers in addition to our own writers. If you’d like to tell a story, or if you have some excellent advice you want to share with our community, have a look at the editorial guidelines!

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About Sarah

It’s great to meet you! I’m Sarah Stone, Managing Director here at Frayed Passport, and I’m so excited to share this platform with you. Since 2014, I’ve worked 100% remotely, and have been a digital nomad for years. While Miami is my homebase at the moment, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to live and work in Canada, Portugal, Panama, and lots of other gorgeous places.

Our goal with Frayed Passport is to help you build a sustainable career that lets you travel the world as much as you want. I’ve been able to do it, and so have our own writers as well as the many other contributors who’ve shared their experiences and advice with our community!

Have a look around and start planning your journey today—and don’t forget to join our group!

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Frayed Passport is a community-driven platform sharing resources and stories for travelers of all interests and backgrounds. Much of our focus, however, is on creating a lifestyle that allows you to travel anywhere in the world, whenever you want—whether you’re looking for a job overseas, interested in remote working opportunities, or even retiring early (or semi-retiring) and exploring the globe.

We are always on the lookout for travel tips and stories to share with the Frayed Passport community! Guest posts and submitted articles must be original and non-promotional, and must be family- and work-safe. Click here to have a look at our editorial guidelines.

If you have an event, webinar, publication, or other resource you would like to share with our community, but you don’t have a budget for advertising, we can help through cross-promotion. Email me at sarah@frayedpassport.com to learn more and to see how we can collaborate!

If you’re interested in advertising across the Frayed Passport network, we offer a number of opportunities, including banners, advertorials, callout content in popular articles, and more. Email sarah@frayedpassport.com to learn more.