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Welcome to Frayed Passport! I’m Sarah Vandenberg, and Frayed Passport is where I share my own travel adventures as well as tips and stories from fellow travelers all around the world.

I travel full-time as a digital nomad. I just spent two amazing months living in Portugal, and am making my way around Central America through April. I’m lucky enough to have the coolest job in the world: as director of partnerships for Volunteer Forever and Abroadly, I get to travel the globe, meet with volunteer / intern / teach abroad organizations, and share their stories and accomplishments with people who want to do good and explore new destinations. My background is in responsible travel, so you’ll find a lot of posts here about volunteering abroad!

  • My favorite destination: Lake Yojoa, Honduras
  • My next trip: San Jose (and a bunch of other places), Costa Rica
  • On my bucket list: Mount Everest basecamp, ice breaker ship to Antarctica, cage diving with crocodiles in South Africa
  • My favorite volunteer trip: Medical and education volunteering with Paramedics for Children in Honduras (I love this organization so much I joined the board!)

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