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My German Diary: Things We Leave Behind

So, here I am. Sunday, September 6, 2009. Still counting down; no, counting days now. I am looking forward to the day I shall fly out of Germany. No. I think the day I shall fly out of Germany is looking (staring is the right word, I think) at me. And it feels bad, you know.

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3 Reasons Why Volunteering Abroad is the Perfect Trip for First-Time Solo Travelers

Traveling alone is something that unnerves a lot of people. And it’s not surprising. The thought of leaving home behind for a foreign country is understandably daunting. Being so far out of your comfort zone in an alien environment, surrounded by strange sights, smells, and sounds can seem like a altogether scary experience rather than a fun one.

Why Is Travel Writing Important?

Some people think traveling is a hobby, others believe it’s a calling. Traveling has the ability to be completely overwhelming while other times it is exactly what you need to take time off from the mundane tasks of everyday. Recently, I read an article about dromomania, which is the official term for having the urge to travel to the point where it makes you physically anxious if you do not travel.

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What It’s Really Like to Move to a New Country by Yourself

Reading a title like this usually renders one of three emotions in its readers: exhilaration, fear, or admiration. Sometimes it’s only one, sometimes it’s a combination of all three. Those who are exhilarated by it tend to be the adventurers, the soul-searchers, the DIY, “ain’t nobody need a man” type of humans, while those who fear it come from an angle of confusion.

8 Tips for Being an Expat in China

Looking back, living as an expat in China was a time of growth and learning. Being open minded was absolutely critical to participating in another country’s culture. I took many ways of Chinese life back to the states with me upon my return, like making sure I am a very hospitable host when having guests and being adventurous with trying new food - you never know, you may like a duck egg and jelly fish salad more than you’d think!

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Traveling for Community Service: The Best Way to Explore

I have been fortunate enough in my life to have had many travel opportunities with my family. From driving across the United States hitting many of the major tourist spots, to spending two weeks in Europe visiting family, I am so blessed. Over the past three years, however, my traveling has been done with my college chapter of Habitat for Humanity. Habitat has granted me trips that I never imagined I would go on, and it allowed me to push my boundaries more than I ever thought I could.

¡Viva la Revolución!: Eating Out in Cuba’s New Culinary Climate

Cuba’s exploding private-restaurant sector is bursting with flavor, as relaxed government regulations and innovative chefs come together to serve up the island’s gastronomic glasnost. You can thank the paladares—literally, “palates.” In just five years, these privately owned eateries, usually run out of the owner’s house, have sprouted all over Havana and other cities.

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