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Frayed Passport publishes long-form articles and in-depth guides for people who want to build lifestyles that let them travel wherever they want, whenever they want.

About two-thirds of our articles are travel tips, destination guides, interviews with and stories from travelers and experts, and similar—the rest of our resources focus on how to travel long-term, full-time, or even live abroad. Most of our content is evergreen, and we regularly refresh our guides to ensure up-to-date information.

Our founder and managing director Sarah Stone has worked in the travel sector since 2005, and has been to 20+ countries. Her background is in development and communications, and over the past several years, she’s built Frayed Passport around the audience it attracts organically—professionals who want the freedom to travel without setting aside only one week per year for a vacation.

We also have a team of writers who’ve lived and worked all around the world, and who keep on top of travel trends and news while creating our guides and resources.

About Our Audience

Almost all of our traffic comes from organic search, plus regular features on Google Discover. Our organic traffic has been growing by thousands every month throughout 2022 and 2023. Many of our articles rank either first or in the top three results for common keywords related to them—a few of these articles include:

27% of our audience is aged 25—34, followed by 22% aged 18—24, and 19% aged 35—44. 52% of our audience is female. 58% of our audience is based in the United States.

Our most popular in-market segments are travel (air travel, trip planning, hotels, and vacation rentals) employment (including career consulting services), financial and investment services, and education and post-secondary education.

Advertising and Partnership Opportunities

We offer a variety of opportunities for companies and organizations interested in connecting with travelers worldwide, including featured articles written by our team, publication of articles written by your team, paragraph / sentence / natural link insertions within our most popular articles, callout snippets within our most popular articles, banners, email newsletter features, social media promotion, and much more.

Advertising opportunities are bundled and priced according to traffic to Frayed Passport, and visibility of the partner’s placements sitewide and across our networks.

Partners must be family- and work-safe. We are not interested in affiliate or commission programs, or one-off link insertions.

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If you’d like to learn about advertising and partnerships with Frayed Passport, please email Sarah Stone at