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Hooked on Adventure: A Motorcycle Trip across the USA

At nineteen years of age, it was the trip of my lifetime. One of my very first travel adventures was in the early 70s when I went cross country as a passenger on a motorcycle. My parents were probably terrified for me, but my boyfriend was a good driver, gasoline was $0.29 a gallon, I had $400 in cash and a plastic coat. What could go wrong?

Traveling for Community Service: The Best Way to Explore

I have been fortunate enough in my life to have had many travel opportunities with my family. From driving across the United States hitting many of the major tourist spots, to spending two weeks in Europe visiting family, I am so blessed. Over the past three years, however, my traveling has been done with my college chapter of Habitat for Humanity. Habitat has granted me trips that I never imagined I would go on, and it allowed me to push my boundaries more than I ever thought I could.

How to Choose a Location to Retire Abroad

So you and your spouse have decided to retire. At some point in your retirement planning, you must ask yourself where you would like to spend your Golden Years. The following questions and insight should place you on the right path for finding just the location that suits your needs – even if it means […]