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Personal Capital – Living the Village Life

Over the last three decades of financial independence, Billy and I have done some extensive world travel. While we have seen the large cities, the amazing architecture, eaten in some of the finest restaurants and enjoyed museums, plays, and concerts, generally, we are attracted to Village Life.

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Creating Happiness 100 Times Over Again

Recently I read an article about happiness and how we can increase its presence in our lives. The premise of the piece was that frequent, small pleasures increase our happiness level far more than one big pleasure. We adapt to a big pleasure until it becomes routine for us, so the new car we were so excited about when we purchased it, becomes mundane over time. The beautiful flooring and the exquisite bedroom set we just had to have all becomes ordinary as time passes.

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Infographic: Best Jobs for People Who Love to Travel

Looking for a job that will let you travel the world? Principal Hotel Company put together this handy infographic detailing some of the best opportunities out there. (By the way, if you're interested in becoming a travel blogger, use the "Books and Guides" link at the top of this page to learn how!)

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Claim Your Freedom!

Billy and I have been traveling the globe for almost three decades. Within those international trips we have noticed that humans intrinsically desire to be free. For the most part you and I enjoy our freedoms. We have control over our finances, we can drive a car whenever we choose to do so, and if you are reading this, chances are you have a background of education and experience from having lived your life. But there are other ways we close ourselves off from freedom and with a little sense of adventure and a change of perspective, you can gain those freedoms back. Take a look at some suggestions below.

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