For those of you longing to satiate that sense of adventure, perhaps it’s time to contemplate your next vacation. Have you ever considered a cruise?

Cruises are not just for families doing a once-a-year blowout vacation, or for couples wanting to gamble and drink aboard a gigantic vessel for a week—there are tons of smaller ones all over the world offering all different kinds of experiences for all different kinds of travelers. If you’re looking for a super fun experience exploring some of the most beautiful places on earth, consider taking a cruise among the Greek Isles!

The Greek Isles are the perfect backdrop for fun, sun, and entertainment. Breathtaking views, miles of sandy beaches, and no shortage of daytime and nightlife opportunities make this area of the Mediterranean a wonderful choice for cruising. Let’s have a look at some of the best Greek island hopping cruises you can take here!

1. Star Clippers Cruises

Star Clippers cruise lines pays homage to the golden age of sailing—with cruises ranging from three to 11 nights, ports of call include Mykonos, Kos, and even ports where the famed Mama Mia movie was filmed. Experience breathtaking beauty at sea and in port with a wealth of opportunities for experiencing and enjoying local culture and social life.

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2. Windstar Cruises

With its claim to fame being smaller ships, Windstar cruises can access some of the lesser-known islands—those that possess the most beauty and lavish greenery. Passengers remain close to unique island culture, ancient treasure, and beautiful sandy beaches. Enjoy the intimacy of a small voyage and the opportunity to build relationships with others as you journey together into intimate locations.

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3. SeaDream Yacht Club

With all-inclusive cruising via the SeaDream club, you’ll have access to five-star dining experiences, raw food that is both organic and vegan, and social events including being served champagne in the surf. A memorable passage through the Corinth canal and a nine-day wine tasting voyage are some of the many packages you can purchase and enjoy.

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4. Variety Cruises

Variety gives a little bit of the best that the Greek Isles have to offer. This fleet of smaller ships takes you closer to the action when visiting ports, and offers interaction between visitors on both land and sea. Cruise options include four- and seven-day options, with most ending near the isle of Kytheria, a hidden gem in the Aegean Sea.

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5. Celestyal Cruises

This authentic taste of Greek island hopping provides passengers the finest Greek cuisine prepared with fresh ingredients, ports of call that include premier social engagements and nightlife, and a classic look at some of the more beautiful tourist destinations in the Isles. Offering year-round itineraries and an array of cruise options, this is your best option for dipping your toe in crystal blue Mediterranean waters.

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6. Azamara Club Cruises

Azamara prides itself on providing short excursions with many ports of call for the ultimate tourist experience. An 11-night stay with 10 ports of call, including 5 overnights on land, provides tourists the option to interact with the locals and pick up some much-needed Greek fare and duty-free items for gift-giving back home.

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7. Seabourn Cruise Line

All-inclusive cruising and attention to detail make Seabourn a premiere choice for sailing the Greek Isles. Seabourn appeals to history buffs: ports of call are set up to tell the rich tales of Greece’s history as a prominent portal to beautiful land from torrid seas. Smaller, sleeker vessels provide a closer view of the beautiful coastline, while on the opposite end of your seafaring journey, you witness crystal blue waters and pristine sky.

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With no shortage of options and amenities to entice royalty and foreign dignitaries, your next vacation should be a breeze to prepare. Stunning beauty, authentic culture, and incredible experiences await you as you contemplate island hopping in and around Greece with some of the premiere cruise lines in the world. Start packing and enjoy the trip of a lifetime!

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