Traveling the world is a dream for many of us, but the reality of financing our adventures—no matter how long we want them to last—can be incredibly stressful.

But with some creativity, research, and effort, you can find work that will allow you to continue your travels indefinitely. Here are just five examples!


Restaurants and bars all over the world are always on the lookout for part-time and seasonal workers, making the hospitality sector a fantastic option for travelers with a great attitude and friendly demeanor. Whether in a bustling city or a quiet tourist town, you’re bound to find jobs for waitstaff, bartenders, and kitchen help.

And you don’t have to limit yourself to food service—check for openings at hotels and event spaces, tour companies and travel agencies, and even cruise lines and airlines if you want to turn a job in hospitality into a fulfilling career. Of course depending on the position, you may need additional training and certifications before you apply. Picking up a certification from the American Course Academy and similar organizations can give you a leg up in the competition (even for US-based certificates, which still look fantastic for your resume abroad!).

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Farming is another sector that frequently seeks temporary workers, especially during the harvest season. Farms need extra hands for all kinds of projects, like harvesting, planting, maintenance, animal care, and even sales. The work can be physically demanding and totally exhausting, but it’s also a unique way to experience rural life and the agricultural industry in different countries.

Interested in more in-depth, educational experiences with farming around the world that’ll still give you plenty of time and support for cultural exploration and immersion? Check out WWOOF, which is a volunteer exchange program where you live and work at a host farm in exchange for housing, meals, and training.

Teaching English

Teaching English is a fantastic job for native speakers who love to travel—and you can do it online from anywhere! Your time commitment is flexible, plus the job is always in high demand and can be incredibly rewarding. Whether you want to help students improve their English through private tutoring sessions, teach the language to brand-new learners, or even take a more niche track with subjects like business English, there’s a whole host of opportunities for you.

Before applying for English teaching and tutoring jobs, you should get a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification. It’ll give you the foundation needed to be a good English instructor, increase your chances of finding teaching opportunities, and command higher rates for your services.

Online Marketing

Online marketing is a booming field and a fantastic opportunity for digital nomads. With the rise of e-commerce and business needs for a robust digital presence, there’s a high demand for online marketing experts. If you have skills in social media management, SEO, content creation, or digital advertising, you can set yourself up to work remotely from anywhere.

To succeed in online marketing, build a strong portfolio showcasing your previous work and results. Check out our list of platforms with remote work opportunities and resources, which may be less intimidating and frustrating than screaming into the LinkedIn, Fiverr, and Upwork voids.

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Copywriting is another excellent job for frequent travelers. If you have a knack for writing persuasive and engaging content, you can make a living by creating copy for websites, advertisements, email campaigns, and much more. The demand for skilled copywriters is high, as businesses always need compelling content to attract and retain customers—and if you have experience with generative AI and know how to use it for structuring and simpler tasks to make your job easier, all the better.

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Over to you! What job and career paths would you recommend for travelers who want to stay on the road long-term? Share your thoughts and advice with the Frayed Passport community!

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