London is a wonderful place for shopping, attractions, events, and cinema. But once the day is done, you’ll need to know where to find your favorite coffee. For any coffee enthusiast traveling to the UK, finding a new coffee shop is even more exciting than a regular caffeine buzz. Mainly because coffee fans can explore and try new menus—but also because of the atmosphere that can be found in these cozy coffee houses. Serious coffee drinkers avoid the chains that blanket the UK high streets and opt for the independent coffee houses, which usually offer a better-tasting cup of coffee. Let’s look at why London coffee shops stand out!

You’ll explore new places

London’s landscape is rather unique because it’s made up of many little villages and towns that have merged over time. There’s constantly a new place to visit, each with its own character, community, and feel. As you move from one coffee house to another, you will notice that you can visit so many new areas without spending a lot of cash.

Take free walking tours to some of the coffee shops since they are located in areas that will take your breath away, especially the view from the South Bank and the soul of London—the Thames—which is a beautiful backdrop to the city’s top landmarks, museums, markets, and historical buildings.

But not only that: walking the streets of London is an experience in and of itself. The combination of ancient and modern architecture is impressive! Pubs, coffee shops and all kinds of businesses—they are all unique and will be decorated for the season. It is almost impossible to walk more than five steps without snapping a couple of pictures.

Recommended London coffee shops: 2 Love Coffee & Tea Shop, Kaffeine

Coffee in London tastes better

Coffee is undoubtedly one of the best-liked beverages consumed around the world, and London’s coffee is just not the same as what you might have at home. Some coffees have a silky and creamy texture, a slightly bitter taste and more flavor, while other shops offer exclusive and locally-roasted coffee.

Passing pedestrians find themselves drawn in by the fantastic aromas of London’s coffee shops—and once you are inside, you might be tempted to stay for a leisurely hour or two. Among the splendid selection of drinks on offer around the city are Quito and Agogo coffee blends, and you can round off the giant snack with a mug of freshly brewed Americano.

Recommended London coffee shops: Prufrock, Rosslyn

Yummy sweet treats and lunch options

Several cafes in London either have coupled up with a great bakery or they have an amazing kitchen of their own. If you desperately need a tasty slice of homemade cake during your stay in London, you’re bound to find a superb collection of treats in the ‘sweet tea’ collection to your liking.

You’re bound to find freshly baked flaky pastry, carrot cake, or a delicious toastie oozing with melted cheese, to name a few. For lunch, you could try beans and goat’s cheese on Ciabatta bread, and for mid-afternoon tea, you might be tempted to spend a couple of pounds on one of the delicious sticky cakes. The bacon and avocado sandwiches also come highly recommended.

Recommended London coffee shops: Workshop Coffee, Black Swan Yard Coffee

A beautiful place to read

Coffee + books = lovely combination. It’s easy to find people working or studying with their laptops, relaxing with their drinks. Sit down and sip a cup of coffee made with lots of love—review your notes or pick up a paper and read the day’s stories amidst the crowd of friendly locals. Either way, you’re bound to enjoy yourself at London’s quaint coffee houses. And don’t forget to bring your laptop, as some of these shops offer free wifi to customers.

London is a gorgeous city that you must visit at least once in your lifetime. The city is filled with so many beautiful places that you are compelled to be spoilt for choice. And if you’re a foodie or coffee snob, you will find a wide variety of unpretentious, friendly coffee houses and cafes that are perfect for a chat over nice hot drink.

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