It’s the Summer Solstice! Check out some of the awesome celebrations you can join each year if you happen to find yourself in Europe:

1. England: Midsummer at Stonehenge

What better way to celebrate the beginning of summer than a huge party at Stonehenge—arguably one of the most mysterious spots on the planet? Watching the sunrise over the heel stone is definitely something that should be on your bucket list this year.

2. Sweden: Maypole Dance

If you want a truly Swedish experience, look no further than the traditional Maypole dance celebrated every Midsummer. There are lots of traditions around the Maypole, but in more recent years it’s become an excellent way for friends and family to get together, have fun, and celebrate the longest day of the year.

3. Portugal: Festa de São João do Porto

Celebrated on June 23rd, this festival pays tribute to John the Baptist, and has been a tradition in northern Portugal for about 600 years. Travel to Portugal on this day for one of the very best street festivals you’ll find in all of Europe!

4. Norway: Midsummer Bonfires

Also celebrated on June 23rd, Midsummer festivals in Norway honor John the Baptist as they do in Portugal, and even combine some of the Swedish traditions above, celebrating family and marriage.

5: Spain: Celebration of San Juan

Another must-see trip for the bucket list: for Spanish Midsummer, you’ll find revelers partying, lighting bonfires, and jumping over them. Kind of like a warrior run with a more traditional origin story.

Spain - San Juan Celebration, Midsummer - Check Out These 5 European Summer Solstice Celebrations! - Frayed Passport

Via Wikimedia Commons.

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