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My goal is to help you build your bucket list, plan your travels, and tell your story. I've traveled throughout Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, and North and Central America, but you'll usually find me looking up plane tickets to Honduras.

Infographic: Best Jobs for People Who Love to Travel

Looking for a job that will let you travel the world? Principal Hotel Company put together this handy infographic detailing some of the best opportunities out there. (By the way, if you're interested in becoming a travel blogger, use the "Books and Guides" link at the top of this page to learn how!)

Monarch Reveals 20 of Europe’s Hidden Holiday Gems with the Worst Names | Video

When I heard Monarch put together a list of unfortunate-sounding town names for their Year of Nice campaign, I had to share it (and see if I can't stop over in some of these wonderful locations). Check them out in the video below!

Study Abroad in Ireland: Megan McCormack’s Story

This spring, our friends at Volunteer Forever asked the 55,000+ travelers subscribed to their mailing list for their stories about volunteering, teaching, interning, and studying abroad. The responses were overwhelming: people of all ages and backgrounds from all over the world wrote about their globetrotting adventures – why they traveled, how they helped communities in need, what they learned, and so much more. Here is one of the wonderful stories from this series!

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