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Everyone approaches writing in a different way. Some meticulously plan out every word while others sit down at their keyboard and start typing. Two writing methods found to be effective for different reasons with your travel writing are the outline format and the freewriting format.

Outline Format

The outline format appeals to those who desire structure and organization. In an outline, you generally brainstorm all the topics you’d like to cover and then separate them into distinct categories that progress logically, chronologically, or otherwise.

Using this format before you start writing an article for your travel blog lets you remember each topic you want to cover and gives a sense of organization to the overall piece.

Freewriting Format

Freewriting is an excellent tool if you don’t know exactly what you want to say. This enables you to get to the end of your story and see how the entire narrative is going to play out without slowing yourself down by self-editing along the way. If you don’t know how to end your piece, using a freewriting technique will help you find a way to end it naturally. It also provides direction and purpose and can always be edited afterwards.

What format do you prefer for your travel blog? Or do you go with a mix of both? Share your tips with the Frayed Passport community!

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