Heather worked as a land tour director in Alaska for two summers during college, and absolutely loved the experience. During her time there, she handled logistics such as transportation, lodging, and excursions for groups of 30—50 travelers.

A few highlights include helicopter tours of Denali, and river rafting close by; seeing puffins, otters, and seals on a Kenai fjords tour; viewing bright blue glaciers up close; relaxing in the hot springs in Fairbanks; and 4 wheeling on the tundra.

On her travels around Alaska, all of her expenses were paid for, including housing and food, as well as the excursions she booked for her tour groups. It wasn’t a glamourous job, but it did help to pay for some of her college expenses, and she loved every bit of the adventure!

Watch this interview to learn how you can find a seasonal tour gig in Alaska, and how it can be a life-changing experience.

Featured image by Kayti Coonjohn on Unsplash

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