The islands of the Mediterranean are synonymous with good weather and even better beaches. With holiday hotspots for many Europeans, the region is a paradise for those looking to soak up the sun’s rays on a silky soft beach. This is no different for Majorca—one of the most popular and prettiest areas of Spain’s Balearic Islands.

But what about those who don’t fancy lying on a beach all day and who would rather explore? Is Majorca only for sunbathers?

Quite the contrary!

Experiencing the Caves of Drach—the Dragon Caves of Majorca

Cuevas del Drach: A Natural Wonder in Majorca - Frayed Passport

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Of Spain’s many islands, Majorca in particular has a wealth to offer those looking for an experience different from (or really, in addition to) relaxation and sunbathing. One of the most wonderful excursions you can take here is a trip to Cuevas del Drach. Also known as the Caves of Drach or the Dragon Caves, this underground world is a natural wonder that shouldn’t be missed on any holiday to Majorca. Located in the equally picturesque harbour town of Porto Cristo, its underground Lake Martel is one of the largest and most impressive in the world.

The Caves of Drach was first explored in the 19th century by French geologist Edouard Martel, who of course the lake is named after. Visitors to the Dragon Caves are often surprised by the sheer size of the cave. Perhaps the mention of a cave gives connotations of a dark, damp, caveman-like existence—but it’s anything but! No, the cave covers some 2,400 meters with a ceiling height of 25 meters; it’s an awe-inspiring cathedral of a cave.

Caves of Drach Tours and Shows

It’s been said that three explorers were lost for more than 30 hours in 1878 after being separated from their tour guide—they were so terrified that they carved their last messages into its walls. Fortunately they turned out fine, and luckily, your visit to Cuevas del Drach won’t take nearly as long! Guided tours here usually take an hour, and they do a much better job nearly 150 years later of keeping track of tourists. The guided tours are essential to getting the most out of your experience as you marvel at the colorful formations, stalactites, and stalagmites.

One of the most impressive features of the Caves of Drach is the lake lurking in its midst. Despite its huge surface area, Lago de Martel (or Lake Martel) springs out of nowhere—it’s a nice surprise! An even more pleasant and bigger surprise is the light show and music spectacle waiting for you here—this has been delighting visitors to the cave for more than 75 years.

As you sit in the dark, musicians on a boat play classical music of Caballero, Chopin, and Offenbach. Lights flicker and dance, illuminating the sharp yet delicate stalagmites. I don’t think there is a more dramatic and beautiful setting for a musical performance in the world. Once the spectacular concert has finished, you can take a short boat trip across the lake.

Porto Cristo

After your visit to Cuevas del Drach, the charming fishing village of Porto Cristo is just waiting to be explored. This sheltered bay is perfect for making sandcastles, taking a nice swim, or enjoying a romantic picnic while the sun sets. The soft sand and shallow waters make a good compromise for those who can’t bear to be away from the beach too long. Elsewhere, you’ll find a large shopping area, plus bars and restaurants to wine and dine in. There’s really is something for everyone with a day trip to the Caves of Drach and Porto Cristo.

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