Thank you to Marci and Kim for developing this exercise!

One of the best ways to spice up any travel blog is to use powerful verbs. Identify and eliminate the bad verbs in the following sentences, then rewrite each sentence using a different word from the word bank—or any better ones that may come to mind.

Word Bank of Descriptive Verbs:

Shriek          Linger          Sprint          Abscond          Meander

Writhe         Prowl          Squat          Peel          Smash

Plunge          Strut          Catapult          Fabricate          Ascend


1. After robbing the bank, Rosie left town with the money.

2. I climbed to the top of the pole and took the ham.

3. The ambassador sat at the table.

4. I yelled in alarm when the car went over the cliff.

5. She walked through the crowded marketplace.

What other tricks have worked for your travel blog? Post your advice below!

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