Traveling through Europe can be a great experience—but can also be expensive. If you’re a digital nomad and exploring the world while you work, there can be some great deals to be found in coworking and coliving spaces! Not only can combining working and living spaces help you budget easier, but you’ll also be immersed in a wonderful community of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote employees from all over the globe.

Coworking and coliving are becoming incredibly popular worldwide—you can be innovative and productive with your projects, and enjoy the culture and beauty of another country. Recently, we’ve shared our recommendations for coworking and coliving spaces in Latin America and in Southeast Asia—and here are a few of our top picks for coworking spaces in Europe!

Best coworking and coliving spaces in Europe - Frayed Passport

Coworking in Lesvos, Greece

Living and working on a lush green island is a dream for many of us. Lesvos is the third-largest Greek island, and one of the country’s lesser-known islands. Uncluttered by hordes of tourists and tacky tourist traps, enjoy hiking through petrified forests, natural hot springs and health spas. The coworking space here is a compassionate community where conservation is key. Located at Bird’s bay, the space has a selection of rooms both private and shared, a cafe and coworking desks, and lots more.

Colivys in Rueil-Malmaison, France

Rich in history, this French commune is one of the wealthiest suburbs just outside of Paris. There is plenty to do and see, enjoy a touch of modern with a deep taste of culture and refinement. At the Colivys space, you will have your choice of apartments with large balconies, access to a washer and dryer, work desks, and storage. Enjoy a mix of students and professionals with everything you need close at hand. Drink in the aroma of bread baking below you and grab a croissant while you wait for your bus to go sightseeing.

Home for Creativity in Calabria, Italy

Home for Creativity – Calabria sums it up with the name alone. Located in the spectacular Italian countryside, you will enjoy the company of inspired creatives from all over the world. With a shared kitchen and beautiful workspaces, you’ll be able to take in the breathtaking sights of the Sila National Park while you have lunch outside in the sun. If you’re not inspired by the crystal blue Ionian and Tyrrhenian Seas, perhaps an old cathedral is more your style. Rich in history, you will be continuously fascinated by this wonderful region.

Je m’appelle in Brabant, Netherlands

A newly refurbished country house outside of Amsterdam, this coliving space houses up to 25 creatives. Je m’appelle includes private rooms with shared bathrooms, and there are spaces to chill out if you need some time to relax. Amsterdam is a wonderland of history, color, and life. Visit museums, enjoy fine dining, or take a boat ride. Rent a bike and make like the locals—pedal your way to see the tulips and other sights outside of the city.

Sun and Co. in Xàbia, Spain

Get your work-life balance sorted out when you join this community in Spain. Enjoy learning from others and gain inspiration from workshops and skillshares. During your free time, enjoy tapas, go for sunset hikes along the coast of the Mediterranean, sit around beautiful bonfires, and partake in great conversation with fellow digital nomads.

Coworking in Hamburg, Germany

Here you will find a perfect balance of collaboration, friendship, community, and privacy. The apartments in this coworking space provide all the necessary essentials, including community rooms for working on your next project,  and shared spaces for watching a movie or enjoying a meal, plus gorgeous balconies for enjoying a glass of wine in the evening. There is plenty to do while in Hamburg, including street festivals and concerts, plus plenty of parks and history to discover.

Coliving and Working Right

Coliving and coworking spaces are so much more than just a place to work and sleep. By becoming part of these communities, you’ll get to learn about other cultures and enjoy an amazing destination by becoming part of the neighborhood. To immerse yourself not only in fascinating work, but also in new cities, countries, and cultures is a tremendous growing experience. Every day will offer a learning moment, and the connections you make will last your entire life.

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