Summer is upon us, and people all across the country have started planning their vacations—and for a great many, this means taking a fantastic family road trip. Road trips can be an amazing experience; oftentimes they’re a great way to bond with one another and to create memorable experiences. But when preparing for a road trip you will want to make sure you’re prepared and that things run smoothly. Here are seven tips to keep in mind when planning a great family road trip.

1: Plan Ahead

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Of course it is a given: you are always going to want to have your tip planned out. Have a strong idea of what your midway rest spots will be and how you will get there. Make sure you have you route set clear so there are no mess-ups along the way and you don’t get lost. Most importantly, consider where you will get food and water for when you want it.

2: Get Your Car Serviced

Before a road trip it is best to make sure your car is in top shape and able to handle the conditions of driving for long periods of time without breaking down. Get your car serviced and make sure it is ready for stress; this will save you a potential hazard and will keep your car in good driving condition.

3: Join a Travel Club

Sign up for a motor club before your trip. Motor clubs provide you with resources during your travels and can even provide deals and discounts. You’ll be able to get emergency roadside assistance if your car breaks down or some other emergency occurs on the road. Consider carefully all the needs that need to be met in order to have a smooth trip.

4: Eat Well

Surprisingly (or maybe not), eating well is extremely crucial to a good driving experience. If you feel like you’re developing cramps or feel sleepy, ask yourself what you have recently eaten. The right foods can help you drive longer and feel better along the way.

5: Break Up Your Trip

This is especially important if you are driving extended distances. All professional drivers schedule breaks so their bodies can repair themselves. Surprisingly the body does get fatigued by too much time in one position, so you must create breaks in your schedule. Breaks don’t just have to be an interruption either; plan on visiting special locations along the way so that it makes your trip that much better.

6: Bring a Repair Kit

For that moment when something goes wrong, bring a repair kit. It may seem trivial but it can really dig you out of a tight situation. Make sure that you have a full array of the basic tools you will need to repair your vehicle.

7: Make it Memorable

Above all else, make this trip fun! Do something unique and make it an event that you can remember. Get creative in your thinking and come up with something to keep your family road trip memorable.

What are your tips to plan a fantastic family road trip? Post below!

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