Always feel like your suitcase is completely overstuffed? Maybe it’s not—check out this infographic with handy packing tips to make more room in your luggage and travel like a pro.

Infographic: How to Pack like a Pro - Frayed Passport

The first step to any great adventure is to pack right. Just ask Batman—he has a utility belt. And you have a suitcase. Basic tips to pack like a pro:

1: Clean Your Room

You don’t want to return to a messy place anyway, so go ahead and clean! It’ll help you take inventory of what you have and pack what you need.

2: Choose the Right Bag

Think about your bag’s weight and what sort of places you will be heading to. Hard shell cases travel more hardily than canvas ones, and depending on what type of traveler you are, you can pack everything you need into a small carry-on.

3: Roll Your Clothes

Rolling your clothes helps you avoid wrinkles and pack everything tighter so it doesn’t feel like you’re overstuffing your suitcase.

4: Leave Room for Souvenirs

You’ll probably want to come back with tokens from your trip—or at least presents for friends and family! Leaving enough room before you leave will ensure an easier trip back than needing to purchase another bag while you’re abroad.

5: Make a List so You Don’t Forget

Even frequent travelers forget some basics (how many times have we forgotten a toothbrush?). Make a list so you don’t leave without something you’ll need later.

6: Carry On Valuables

Especially if you’re checking a bag—it might go missing or get delayed, and you don’t want to have the worries of potentially losing your valuables while your bag is stuck who-knows-where.

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