If you’re one of the many, many people being told to return to the office after perhaps years of working remotely, you may be on the lookout for a job better suited to your interests and comfort level. Maybe you love working from home—or maybe you’ve taken advantage of your remote position to explore the world while earning an income.

You might be seeking adventure, and what better way to combine freedom with a tiny bit of stability than to find a position that’ll let you travel and earn a salary at the same time? You don’t have to be a freelancer or an entrepreneur either; there are plenty of jobs available for people who don’t want to stay in just one place, but who also want to know exactly where their next paycheck is coming from.

Let’s look at a few reasons to get a job that takes you out on the open road—and some examples of positions available right now!

1. You’ll Be Paid Well

Career example: Hazmat Trucking Jobs

Hazmat trucking jobs involve the transportation of hazardous materials, requiring additional certification and adherence to strict safety regulations. Due to the increased risk and specialized knowledge required, these positions tend to offer higher pay compared to standard trucking jobs. With a hazmat trucking job, you can expect to get paid about $2,700 per week, with other benefits depending on your employer. The demand for careful handling and transportation of hazardous materials ensures a steady need for qualified drivers, contributing to job security and higher income potential.

2. You’ll Get Lots of Perks

Career example: Flight Attendant Jobs

Flight attendants enjoy a range of perks including flexible schedules, discounts on flights, hotels, and car rentals, and the opportunity to travel the world. The job provides unique experiences as each flight brings you to new destinations and cultures. Plus, many airlines offer health benefits, retirement plans, and paid training. The career is ideal for those who enjoy working with the public and embracing new environments frequently.

3. Each Day Will Be Different

Career example: Travel Nursing

Travel nurses move between hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities based on demand, often shifting locations every few months. This career offers the opportunity to experience different healthcare systems, patient demographics, and team dynamics. No two assignments are the same, providing variety in work environments, challenges, and learning opportunities. Travel nurses often receive housing stipends and competitive pay, adding to the career’s appeal.

4. You’ll Always be Learning

Career example: International Sales Representative

International sales representatives travel to different countries to promote their company’s products or services. This role not only requires adaptability and sales skills but also offers immense learning opportunities in global market trends, cultural etiquette, and language skills. Representatives gain insights into diverse business practices and consumer behaviors, enhancing their professional growth and global business understanding.

5. You May Get Extended Time Off

Career example: Cruise Ship Jobs

Working on a cruise ship can mean long hours and continuous days during on-duty periods. However, employees often receive extended time off between contracts. This break allows for you to rest and recuperate—or go on more adventures outside of cruising! Cruise ship jobs offer a unique living environment and the chance to visit multiple countries (or other destinations) in a single trip, making the time spent on board both adventurous and rewarding.

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6. You Will Feel Challenged

Career example: International Consultant

International consultants travel to various companies or organizations around the world to provide expert advice. This career is marked by its diversity of challenges, including solving complex problems, adapting to different business cultures, and developing strategies under varying market conditions. The role requires a high level of adaptability, problem-solving skills, and cultural sensitivity, offering significant professional and personal growth.

Over to you!

Frayed Passport readers—do you have a job that lets you travel? How did you find it, and what advice would you give to someone interested in your field? Share your stories and tips with the community!

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