How do travel and life go hand in hand? Your perspective about the world changes everything. If you’re interested in what lies beyond the borders of your country, you can live a life of endless discovery. If you realize that everything you really need fits in one bag, you can practice true contentment. If you experience firsthand how you can genuinely help others, your life will never lack a clear purpose.

Travel and Life: 15 Truths to Start Your Journey - Frayed Passport

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15 Transformational Truths about Travel and Life

1. The world is an endlessly fascinating place to explore.

2. International travel is an art and a skill that can be honed over a lifetime.

3. When we help others across the globe and incorporate it into our travel and life, we receive even more in return.

4. We are challenged and changed for the better each time we travel.

5. We can enjoy different types of travel and life depending on the trip: adventure, budget, family, long-term, luxury, volunteer.

6. Back at home, a traveler’s best souvenir is broadened perspective and greater insight.

7. Recording where we’ve been and what we’ve learned is deeply rewarding.

8. Travel enforces simplicity and helps us to live out our deepest values.

9. The best part about visiting a new place is meeting the locals.

10. Going, seeing and doing is far better than acquiring things at home.

11. Travel shows us the strengths and weaknesses of every culture, including our own.

12. The most difficult parts of traveling cause us to grow the most.

13. The more we see, the more we respect other people’s lifestyles and priorities.

14. International travel and life abroad is a powerful way to help the people and places we visit.

15. Travel causes time to slow down and etches memories in our minds that last a lifetime.

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