Dreaming of a relaxing getaway? Wherever you go, make sure it has a great view–so here are 15 beautiful sunsets at famous travel spots for inspiration!

1: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This is so much to see and do in the colorful city of Rio de Janeiro! Enjoy the art, take in the music, see the famous Christ the Redeemer statue, and at the end of the day, see a stunning sunset.

2: San Francisco, USA

The Bay Area of California is famous for its delicious food, hilly views, and amazing architecture. Trek across the famous Golden Gate Bridge, sample the chocolate at Ghirardelli Square, try San Francisco’s famous sourdough, and see the adorable sea lions!

3: Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech is definitely at the top of my must-see list. From colorful markets, to gorgeous courtyards and the amazing Medina, I hope to one day see this Moroccan city and enjoy a beautiful sunset here!

4: Helsinki, Finland

Cities situated right on the water always have the most amazing sunsets – and Helsinki is no exception.

5: Toronto, Canada

If you’ve never been to Toronto for a day trip, you should go! The city is super walkable and super clean – I’m partial to the aquarium if you have time to stop in.

6: Maasai Mara, Kenya

Seeing a sunset over the Maasai Mara in Kenya is an absolute dream. Could you imagine going on safari and ending your day with this view?

7: Mueang Satun, Thailand

A favorite destination for expats, this spot in Southern Thailand boasts an incredible coastline with stunning views.

8: Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Located on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast, Tamarindo Beach is known for its surfing and laid back lifestyle.

9: Paris, France

Wouldn’t we all love a romantic visit to Paris? Exploring the museums, wandering down lovely streets, stopping in at cafes…

10: Beijing, China

Beijing is home to the famous Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, part of the Great Wall, and so much more. Travel here and see centuries of Chinese history mixed with modern commerce and culture.

11: Lima, Peru

This coastal city in Peru is another favorite among expats! Hang out at the beaches, build your freelancing career from a modern coworking space, and explore ancient Incan ruins all in one amazing region.

12: Edinburgh, Scotland

Could you imagine watching the sunset from Edinburgh Castle? Take a tour of this historic landmark, and catch incredible views of this Scottish city!

13: Melbourne, Australia

Another amazing coastal city, Melbourne is a wonderful place for foodies and culture buffs. If you’re a fan of street art, this Australian city is a must-see.

14: Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Sunset - Frayed Passport
Get lost in Tokyo and explore everything this vibrant city has to offer! With sunset comes amazing nightlife that you definitely won’t forget.

15: Vancouver, Canada

Another amazing city in Canada, Vancouver is a modern, diverse city on the West Coast. Check out the seawall at Stanley Park, the Capilano suspension bridge, and tons more here!

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