Updated for 2024 & Beyond: The semi-retired lifestyle has been rising in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. Many people not only want to enjoy the benefits of retirement earlier, but they also want to maintain social and professional connections, challenge their minds, and maintain healthy personal finances. Semi-retirement offers a path to this sort of life. To help provide you with more ideas of what work you can do while semi-retirement, we put this article of the best semi-retirement jobs together. It’s now been updated to showcase even more semi-retirement jobs.

Want to retire early and travel the world?

If you answered yes, you’re not alone. You should live life to the fullest while you can.

Yet you may have financial concerns. How could you afford the FIRE lifestyle?

The answer is this: Semi-retire! Instead of financial independence, retire early (FIRE), do something you enjoy to make money and live life on your terms.

Okay, it’s not as catchy as FIRE. But it’s a good compromise, right? You can still enjoy the FIRE lifestyle, but you’ll stay on top of your finances.

The key is this: Maintaining positive cash flow. If you want to quit your day job and jump around the globe, do something you enjoy that makes money. It’s really that simple. 

In this article, we’ll cover the best semi-retirement jobs that give you the freedom to travel and enjoy life.

1. Freelance Writing

Want to travel the world but need money? If you can write well, freelance writing offers you a way to earn money anytime, anywhere. Considering that the content marketing industry will generate $137 billion in annual revenue by 2026, you can write articles and earn money as a content writer. And you can work from your computer—from anywhere in the world.

For the traveler, know writing jobs abroad abound, from local travel writing gigs to remote copywriting work. Apply to jobs, find some good clients, and you’ll be set.

2. Hospitality and Tourism

10 Best Semi-Retirement Jobs - Hospitality and Tourism - Frayed Passport

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Hospitality and tourism generates more than 10% of all global economic activity. If you’re looking for the best semi-retirement jobs in wonderful destinations, chances are you can find positions at local hotels, restaurants, and tourist sites.

For instance, if you want to live in Spain, you can find a number of good semi-retirement jobs in tourism and hospitality. Since Spain has high levels of inbound tourism, they have a need for English-speaking workers. Just look at all the opportunities listed on Glassdoor during any given week.

3. ESL Teacher

1.5 billion people are studying English as a second language (ESL), according to the British Council. That has created a massive need for native English language teachers. ESL teaching positions aren’t just for fresh college grads either. Whether you retire at 40, 50, or 60, you can find ESL jobs where your experience will be valued. You could even teach English online on sites like VIPKid.

Looking to travel and teach English? Countries with the most English teaching jobs include China, South Korea, Vietnam, Germany, Colombia, and Mexico. I taught English for a few years in China, and plan to do it again when I semi-retire (which will hopefully be sooner rather than later).

4. Online Tutor

Are you a math whiz? Or are you more of a science nerd? Whether you specialize in literature, Spanish, or Algebra, you can find online tutoring jobs and make between $20-$60+ per hour. And you can do this work from your beachside home (or wherever paradise is for you!).

Sounds pretty nice, right? Some reputable sites where you can work as an online tutor include:

  • TutorMe: Teach computer science, engineering, history, and more.
  • Teach elementary, high school, or college students. You can also offer continuing education in your area of expertise to adults.
  • Wyzant: Set your own rates and customize classes for students.

5. Developer

Computer and information technology jobs are expected to grow by 12% through 2028. Additionally, these jobs pay more than double the national average in the US, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That means you can work part-time (or less), and still have enough for travel and enjoyment. Now that’s the digital nomad lifestyle!

Note: we’re using developer as a blanket term here. You could find location-independent jobs in fields like:

  • Software engineering
  • App development
  • Web development
  • Operations infrastructure
  • Software testing

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6. Digital Marketing

Why is digital marketing one of the best semi-retirement jobs?

First, digital marketing is a booming industry, with global spend expected to reach $123 billion by 2023 (Forrester). You have ample opportunity to find work. And that work can give you the freedom to enjoy hobbies and do bucket list things (that’s why you semi-retire!).

Second, while you may have to continually learn (as the industry changes rapidly), a variety of jobs exist. You can snag jobs that match your skills and interests:

  • Convincing with words? Become a copywriter.
  • Good with numbers? Get into marketing analytics, SEO, etc.
  • Like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? Manage social media campaigns.

7. Customer Support

You may not think customer support is as lucrative as some of the other best semi-retirement jobs on this list. But if you like interacting with people, customer support jobs can be rewarding and fun as a digital nomad. You can earn $15+ per hour and most positions offer plenty of flexibility.

Moreover, some positions, such as those with large companies like U-Haul and BCD Travel, may even come with benefits. That’s something you may not get with other semi-retirement jobs. No wonder customer service is the 5th most popular remote job (FlexJobs data).

8. E-Commerce Shop Owner

10 Best Semi-Retirement Jobs - Ecommerce Shop Owner - Frayed Passport

Photo by Igor Miske on Unsplash

It seems like the e-commerce industry has been experiencing nonstop double-digit growth. By 2023, global e-commerce sales will exceed $6 trillion annually (Statista). Wow! How can you get a piece of that pie?

Start your own online store on Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, and other sites. Read expert guides on launching an ecommerce site, such as this one from Shopify. This will teach you about everything from pricing to logistics to marketing. Ultimately, the key to success lies in identifying opportunities in the market, executing your business plan well, and making sure your customers are happy.

If you do well, you’ll have the ability to automate the business and enjoy the FIRE lifestyle. Does that mean margaritas on the beach?

9. Creative Jobs

10 Best Semi-Retirement Jobs - Creative Jobs - Frayed Passport

Photo by Devin Avery on Unsplash

Have expertise in photography, videography, graphic design, fashion design, etc? Then join countless other creative professionals who enjoy the digital nomad lifestyle. Thanks to platforms like Upwork and 99Designs, you can showcase your portfolio, find clients, and earn consistent freelance income.

If you’d like to unleash your creative potential, then a creative gig in your area of expertise is one of the best semi-retirement jobs you can have. Imagine this: Making money as you illustrate books from the Andes Mountains in Peru, paint the landscapes of Mongolia, or create company logos at a cafe in Prague. That sounds like quite the life.

10. Translation

Know a second language? Or third? Then put freelance translation at the top of your list of semi-retirement jobs. Because once you meet reputable clients, you can earn good money consistently. Some places to start finding clients or work include and translation agencies in your hometown (contact them!).

No matter where you live and your language pair, you can get remote jobs in translation. As the world becomes increasingly connected, companies and people have a need to translate and localize content. The language industry continues to grow and you should put your skills to use if you can.

11. Data Scientist

If you want to get a lucrative remote work position, the data science industry may be the best path. As data has become the ‘new oil’, companies seek data experts who can extract meaningful insights from all the information they have. That’s why, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, data scientist jobs are expected to grow 35% through 2032. Salaries are high too, with the median salary well above $100,000! Plus, 30% of data scientist jobs are remote, making these positions one of the best remote semi-retirement jobs.

Becoming a data scientist doesn’t happen overnight. If you have a strong quantitative background, such as a bachelor’s in math or statistics, and basic coding skills, you can land a job in the field. Getting a data science certificate from an accredited university can also get you into the field. Check employer requirements for data scientist roles and upskill as needed.

12. Flight Attendant

Being a flight attendant comes with unique perks. You get a flexible schedule, can meet people from all over the world, and can travel while getting paid. What’s also great is that most of the requirements to be a flight attendant, such as being First Aid certified, can be learned during training. So, anyone can enter the field.

As the travel industry continues to boom globally, airlines are in need of flight attendants too. Roles are expected to grow by 11% through 2032—much faster than average. If you work part-time as a flight attendant, you can make well over $30,000 per year, which should help you maintain positive cash flow.

While not remote-friendly, being a flight attendant does enable you to do one thing we all love to do during retirement: travel like never before! Flight attendants typically get free flight benefits from their airlines, which allows you to travel for cheap while not working. This is why it’s one of the best semi-retirement jobs.

13. Salesperson

Are you good at highlighting the benefits and solutions of a product or service? Can you understand and speak to customer pain points? If yes, then the best semi-retirement job for you may be in sales.

Salaries for salespeople vary wildly, with median pay around $70,000 per year in the United States. How much you make depends on the industry, company commission structure, and how much time you put in. With effort and the right approach, you can certainly make enough to fund your semi-retirement.

The big reason why sales makes a suitable semi-retirement profession is the flexibility and earnings potential. Since most salespeople get paid on a commission basis, they’re often afforded the chance to set their own hours and work remotely—as long as they’re hitting sales targets. How great is that?

14. Telehealth Professional

Working in telehealth is one of the best semi-retirement jobs for those who already have experience, education, and accreditation in healthcare. For example, if you worked as a registered nurse for 15 years but now wish to semi-retire and go part-time, working as a remote telehealth nurse could be a good transition. You’ll make a solid salary, while having the freedom to work from anywhere and the time to enjoy your hobbies and spend time with loved ones.

The good news going forward is the era of telehealth is really just beginning to boom. Total market size is expected to reach $342 billion by 2028, up from $140 billion in 2023. That equates to lots of opportunities for semi-retired healthcare professionals to work in telehealth.

15. Virtual Assistant

Are you good at organization and customer service? Are you reliable and responsive? Then consider being a virtual assistant. It’s one of the best semi-retirement jobs for several reasons:

  • Demand is rising quickly. The sector is expected to grow at a rate of 22.3% from 2022 through 2028.
  • 50% of virtual assistants report the ability to work remotely. You could work from the beaches of Thailand if you’d like.
  • Once you learn the job well, it can become a low-stress way to earn money during semi-retirement.

If you wish to get a good part-time assistant job, know that specializing in certain services and skills can make you more attractive. Currently, skills in social media, email marketing, and data entry are most valued. You can learn these skills through various online courses quite quickly.

Landing the Best Semi-Retirement Jobs—and Enjoying Semi-Retirement

If you don’t feel you can retire with 200K, 300K, or 500K, but want to ditch your 9-5 grind, rejoice! You have a way out. You can semi-retire and snag one of these great semi-retirement jobs.

Of course, if you like what you do but don’t want to get burnt out, you can simply cut back and work remotely as you globe-trot. The best semi-retirement jobs offer flexibility and consistent income while combining your skills and passion.

So, why wait any longer? Think about what the best semi-retirement jobs are for you, and begin making plans (even if you’re at work right now!).

Have any other ideas for how to semi-retire and travel the world. Join the community and start the conversation.

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