Quiz: Should You Travel Solo or with a Buddy?

I love to travel solo. Being in charge of my own schedule, sleeping in without feeling guilty, and even deciding what to eat for dinner are things I don’t have to compromise on (weird unpredictabilities with travel aside). Fortunately, all of the group trips I’ve been on have turned out pretty amazing as well—while they’re not what I really prefer, I’m at least getting a bit more open to visiting Central America with friends rather than hiking out on my own all the time.

So! If you’re a bit undecided about your next trip, I’ve put together a short quiz to help you out (all in good fun, of course). Add up your score and post it below!

Question 1: If you’ve had roommates, how did it turn out?

A. Awesome! We all still have Game of Thrones viewing parties.

B. So-so. I’ve had a couple of awful roommates and a couple of awesome ones. Definitely learned from the experience!

C. Awful. I like my space and my privacy a bit too much to go back to that.

Question 2: How good are you with directions?

A. It took me three weeks to figure out the best route from my apartment to the office.

B. It depends. If I’m with someone else, I don’t really pay attention, but on my own, I’m pretty good about it.

C. Fantastic! My brain is pretty much a GPS.

Question 3: When at a restaurant, how do you feel about splitting the bill?

A. I usually go 50/50 or whatever everyone agrees on.

B. I prefer to pay for my own, but I’m all right splitting it if that makes sense.

C. I always pay for my own meal—especially if mine are less expensive than everyone else’s!

Question 4: It’s Friday afternoon, and you have no weekend plans. What do you do?

A. Haha, that doesn’t happen! I definitely have plans with all my friends—or at least a bunch of them—by then.

B. Start texting a few people—hopefully there’s something going on, but I’m good either way!

C. Check out the city guide—I heard there was this awesome Latin American festival at the zoo, so I might drop by!

Question 5: You’re on a weekend trip with two friends, and you just got a flat tire. How do you deal with it?

A. Get right on it! I’ll look up how to change a tire while my friends will make sure we have a spare and all that.

B. Sit in stunned silence until one of us figures out what to do.

C. That sounds like such a nightmare! We’ll get it changed, I’m sure, but definitely not without getting all annoyed at each other.

Answer Key

Mostly A’s: You’ll probably love traveling with a buddy or two! You’re comfortable being part of a group, and you like working with a team. Traveling with a couple of friends might energize you—it’s an awesome way to see the world and share those experiences with someone else. Plus, you can split the costs, help one another with directions, and share your weird travel derails and amazing moments.

Mostly B’s: You could go either way—you’re independent enough to get a ton out of a solo trip, but you still might want to bring a friend along to get a different perspective on it. Whichever one you choose, you’re sure to have a great time!

Mostly C’s: What up, fellow solo traveler! It’s not that you don’t like to be with friends, but you definitely value your independence and privacy—and traveling with a buddy or a group might be a bit too stressful to really get the most out of your trip.

So, which one did you get? Do you travel solo like me or do you do better with a companion? Post yours below!

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