We all love to bring something home from our trips abroad. But maybe going for a more unique trinket is better than one of these awful travel souvenirs!

1: Tiny Eiffel Towers

Might as well bring home a beret and some baguettes while you’re at it.

2: Fridge Magnets

Pretty sure there’s a Kids in the Hall skit from 20 years ago that pokes fun at these, yet they’re still everywhere!

3: Itty-Bitty Spoons

Never, ever got this one. Are they like Beanie Babies, where they’d increase in value over the years?

4: Hawaiian Leis

This photo is from 1959! But, we’re still wearing leis home from Hawaii.

5: Photos Like This One

You know it.

6: I <3 NY Tees

I’ll admit it: When I was 16, I totally bought an I <3 DC shirt from a street vendor.

 7: Snow Globes from…Anywhere

These ones are from Vatican City.

8: Sombreros

There was definitely one of these in our attic when I was a kid.

Sombreros - Frayed Passport

Via Flickr.

9: Maori Fishing Hooks

Often accompanied by puka shells.

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