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What to See in London

When you visit London, you will have no problem finding amazing attractions to see. The only problem is that you may never find the time to see everything. Most of the must-see attractions will cost you nothing. Some require you to purchase a ticket.

Borough Market

This market has been in existence since the 13th century. If you want to catch the market at its busiest, you should visit it on Saturdays. However, it is open from Thursday.

Take an Open Top Bus Tour

A first-time visitor must never forfeit the opportunity to go on an open bus tour on one of the one-of-a-kind red buses that dot the city.

Buckingham Palace

Seeing the famous home of the British Royal family up close in all its beauty and power is legendary among locals and visitors alike. This building epitomizes the amazing British history.

The British Museum

This is one of the most popular attractions that gives London its character. Free admission despite its incredible collection of about 7 million items. These include the Aztec mosaic masks and the Rosetta Stone, among other prized items.

Houses of Parliament

Including the iconic Big Ben, the tall clock tower. It has graced the London landscape since the mid-19th century. The fact that it hosts the House of Lords and the House of Commons only add to its mystique. If you want to watch the antics of the members of parliament, you must make advanced bookings.

The London Eye

This can be viewed from a long way off, but you have to dismount from the bus if you want to enjoy a ride in this mammoth structure. The ride in one of the capsules in the wheel takes 30 minutes to make a complete revolution. You can book a private capsule for a romantic ride to see the fantastic view of the city with a special person. At night, the sight of this giant wheel is even more scintillating to gaze at from a distance.

The National Gallery

This is a great attraction for anyone with an eye for Western European Classic art from such world-renowned artists as Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Renoir, and Michelangelo. Professional art collectors as well as fun seekers find this gallery extremely interesting. Free admission. You will be among the roughly 5 million visitors that troupe into the gallery annually.

The Museum of London

This is another muse-see attraction that displays the best historical collections from the British past. You will enjoy various incarnations of the city including the geological history from the incredible Thames Valley. The marvelous cafe situated in its garden is a welcome diversion as you walk down history.

The Science Museum

If you visit London alone or with your kids you will enjoy seeing the museum’s interactive, highly informative and entertaining exhibits. The first steam locatives ever built are there for you to gaze at in amazement. Your kids will love going to the museum’s old gliders, hot air balloons and flight simulators.

The National Maritime Museum

This has been described as Greenwich’s most exciting attraction. You will find it more interesting as you move deeper into the neoclassical building. The museum takes you through Britain’s seafaring past. You can also find a replica of the lifeboat that polar explorer Ernest Shackleton used.

The National Portrait Gallery

This gallery provides a wonderful collection of paintings and sculptures.

The Natural History Museum

Here you can view some of the most ancient items ever put on display in London. A diplodocus dinosaur skeleton, jars of pickled specimens from the Darwin Centre, a t-rex, and a wildlife garden are just some of the attractions that you have to see.

The Temple Church

This church is hugely popular amongst fans of the novel The Da Vinci Code. However, it was still popular before the book was released.

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7 Ways to Travel Around London

Rollerblade: Need to be experienced at this as some of the road surfaces are quite uneven.

Bus: The famous London red buses. Lots of routes covered. Not as fast as the Tube.

Tube: Fast and convenient to most locations, however, can be expensive and overcrowded.

Cycle: A quick way to navigate the busy London streets though can be dangerous with such heavy traffic.

Walk: The most healthy option but not feasible for everyone or for all purposes.

Boat: This can be quick and scenic but the weather plays a significant part.

Limo Hire: The most comfortable. The driver can double up as a tour guide as he is certain to know the city very well!

9 Facts About London!

1: The hottest recorded temperature in London was August 2003 at Kew Gardens at 38.1 Celsius.

2: London is home to some 300 theaters, 500 cinema screens and 12,000 restaurants.

3: London is home to 43 universities – the largest concentration of higher education in Europe.

4: The average monthly rent in private accommodation in London is 1106 pounds in 2013 – a 7.9 percent increase over one year and the highest ever recorded. This rose eight times faster than average wages.

5: There are 857 art galleries total in London.

6: London boasts 4,500 pubs and bars.

7: 3.5 million passenger journeys are made every day on London’s Tube.

8: There are more than 300 languages spoken in London, more than in any other city of the world.

9: London’s main airport Heathrow is the busiest airport in the world, with more international passengers than any other.

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