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Infographic: Must-Have Travel Apps for Tech-Savvy Travelers - Frayed Passport

Must have apps for the savvy traveller is an infographic produced by dealchecker.

Camera and Photo

Snap and Share! These apps sync with your phone’s camera for some very handy travel tools.

Word Lens: Prepare to be wowed as this app instantly translates printed words via your phone’s camera into your chosen language.

Touch Notes: This app will allow you to create your own postcard, wording included, and will send it as a real-life physical postcard!

Magic Hour: This clever app will notify you when the best time of the day is to shoot based on your location to get the best snaps!

Food and Dining

Eat and Be Merry! A couple of the best apps for finding the best eats and paying the bill.

Urbanspoon: Urbanspoon will scan your location and help you find the closest restaurants and bars. Search by cuisine, price, distance, and rating so you can find exactly what you fancy.

Tipulator: Tipping can be a tricky one, especially when visiting another country. This app will calculate how much you should tip according to the country’s culture and practices, making sure everyone’s happy.

Health and Well-Being

Just in Case: Here are two apps to keep you safe on your travels.

Sun Screen: Type in your location and this handy app will provide you with sun protection advice including how long you’re able to stay in the sun without burning and which level of SPF cream you should be using.

Travelsafe Pro: Travelsafe Pro can help keep your mind at peace with their useful database of common emergency numbers for just about every country you could imagine, without internet connection necessary.

Navigation and Technology

Seek and Find: A couple of apps to make your trip easier when you arrive into the unknown.

Pin Pin ATM Finder: Finds the nearest ATM in over 220 countries free.

WiFi Finder: Locates free WiFi wherever using phone’s GPS.

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