If you’ve run out of ideas for a new story or if you’re looking for a new perspective on your topic, involving other people with your blog—whether they’re writers, travelers, friends, or complete strangers with wonderful stories—can do wonders to boost your creativity, and as a side benefit, expand your network.

Let’s take a closer look at the pluses of involving others in your travel blog.

Ask for Guest Posts

How to Build a Killer Travel Blog: Get Others Involved - Frayed Passport

Ask a friend to write a guest post! Via.

This can be hit or miss depending on who you ask and how you both feel about compensation, but it may be worth looking into. Some bloggers are more than happy to write guest posts for others—they see it as a stamp of approval from one blogger to another, and are more than willing to contribute.

A guest post is a great way to be more involved in your travel blog community, and can even jumpstart your creativity. Seeing how someone else writes for you can open you up to all kinds of new ideas.

Interview Another Travel Blog Writer

If you’re iffy about asking another blogger to write something for free—or if you’re having trouble finding fellow bloggers who’ll take you up on a guest post—an interview is a much easier, more hands-on, and can help you find a new friend and supporter in your blogging community.

Create Interactive or Visual Content

If you know how to do it, or you’re willing to learn, posting something interactive on your travel blog is a wonderful way to get others involved.

Infographics are an excellent way to present new content or rework old articles into a visually appealing format your readers will definitely enjoy. Videos and podcasts might be another option to look into, as well as quizzes, blog hops, contests, and polls.

Hire Writers

If you have the funding for it and you really want to turn your blog into something bigger, you might consider hiring freelance writers to work with you.

You never know how far you can go by involving others with your blog. For the short-term you’ll have something awesome to add to your travel site, and for the long-term, you may gain amazing new friends and colleagues who will be more than happy to provide encouragement and inspiration–as long as you do the same.

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