A few weeks ago, I posted an article with advice on how to overcome writer’s block. It happens to the best of us: we love telling stories, we love researching new topics, and we love hearing what others have to say, but when writer’s block comes along, it hits us hard. It can be sudden, like slamming on the brakes and having nowhere to go, or it can slow to a trickle. We grasp on to the few ideas we have left, writing them out as best as we can while searching for anything to replenish our reserve.

On the other end of the spectrum, we can have so many story ideas we don’t know where to start. Or we have disjointed moments we’d love to write about, but no clear idea on how or whether to string them together. “Should I write about my whole trip?” I’ve asked myself, “Or just a snapshot of it?”

If you feel a bit stuck on how to tell your story–or any story–I’ve put together a few writing prompts to get your ideas flowing again. Enjoy!

1: How I Spent My Summer Vacation

My favorite vacation was _____. The coolest thing I saw was _____. I liked it so much because _____. I’d love you to see it too because _____.

2: My Good Side

The best photo I ever took was _____. I was at _____ and was compelled to take this picture because _____. I’m proud of it today because _____.

3: My Bad Side

The angriest I’ve ever been on a vacation was _____. Up until this moment, I _____. The thing that set me off was _____. It was resolved by _____, and now I look back and think _____.

4: Letter To The Editor

An article caught my eye recently about _____. I [agreed/disagreed] because _____. In my experience, _____. I’d [recommend/not recommend] others read it because _____.

5: Culinary Master

The best meal I ever had was _____. I was with _____ at [location]. I decided on this dish because _____. It tasted like ____, smelled like _____, looked like _____, and the texture was _____. This was the very best meal I’ve ever had in my life because _____.

6: All Expenses Paid

If I won a free trip to anywhere in the world, it would be _____. I would love to go here because _____. I’ve [been here/haven’t been here] before, and I think visiting now would be _____. I would invite _____ and pack _____. I would stay at _____ and do activities like _____.

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7: Time Warp

When I was a child, I wanted to visit _____. This part of the world always interested me because _____. I always thought visiting this place would entail _____. I [have/have not] been there, and the experience [was ____ / might be _____]. I [would still like to go / went] and now think _____ about this place.

8: Convince Me!

One place I never want to visit is _____. I absolutely never want to go here because _____. The only way anyone could get me to go is _____.

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