Nate Lee wanted to impress his wife Patricia with a romantic 10-year anniversary in Mexico–a perfect getaway. He chose the muy romantico small coconut and fishing village of Zihuatanejo, Mexico, where they spent six nights. Both the town and the boutique hotel were a superb choice—and will be hard to beat once their 20th anniversary rolls around!

An Anniversary in Mexico: Let’s Look at Zihuatanejo!

What better place to celebrate an anniversary in Mexico than Zihuatanejo? Located southwest of Mexico City and about 70 miles north of Acapulco, the town has maintained its original sleepy fishing village feel despite the addition of several boutique hotels in recent years. Overall, Zihuatanejo is not nearly as popular or as crowded as many of the other, better-known locations along the coast.

A World-Class Boutique Hotel

Nate and Patricia stayed at the fantastic La Casa Que Canta Hotel—recommended for honeymoons, anniversaries, and other luxurious getaways. If you want to bring your kids, you’ll have much better luck at another resort: La Casa Que Canta limits its 23 suites to couples-only.

La Casa was built into the side of a cliff and has a unique, terraced look that gives every suite an excellent view of Zihuatanejo Bay. As the hotel’s website says, “Our multi-tiered architecture built with palapas, tropical woods, and decorated with hand picked Mexican handicrafts will give you a sense of traditional Mexico.” It’s exactly what the couple was looking for to celebrate their 10-year anniversary in Mexico.

Immediate Access to Playa la Ropa Beach

It’s no surprise that there’s easy access to the beautiful Playa la Ropa beach directly in front of the hotel. Because the beach is surrounded by a protective bay, the waves are smaller, allowing families and children from other hotels to enjoy the water. And Zihuatanejo’s status as a fishing village meant the seafood was amazing: Nate and Patricia feasted on grilled lobster, grilled whole fish, and civeche to no end.

A Luxury Hotel Suite Complete with Hammock and Pool

Hammock in Zihuatanejo hotel room - celebrating an anniversary in Mexico

Hammock in Zihuatanejo, Mexico hotel room

Nate and Patricia’s suite at La Casa Que Canta was massive: half of it was a patio located outside, which included their own private pool, lounge chairs, and a few hammocks. The room was amazingly relaxing and refreshing—the couple read books, had great conversations, and ordered cocktails with the press of a button.

Dining in Zihuatanejo Mexico - celebrating an anniversary in Mexico

Dining in Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Nate and Patricia’s week-long immersion in Mexican luxury left them refreshed and full of great memories. Although most of us don’t have infinity pools on our balconies overlooking the ocean, this allows us to plan, save, and look forward to staying at spots like Zihuatanejo!

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