The Baths in the British Virgin Islands is a distinctive coastal area characterized by its giant granite boulders—some as wide as 40 feet!—which create grottoes and tidal pools. The Baths is the perfect place for exploring, with caves and hidden treasures abound.

When is the best time to visit the Baths? You’ll want to visit during the dry season (December to May), when there’s minimal rainfall and warm temperatures.

How long should you stay at the Baths? You can explore the beach in a day, but there’s lots to do elsewhere in the area, so be sure to make the most of your trip!

What can you see and do at the Baths? In addition to exploring the tunnels and caves (and of course enjoying the sun and sand!), you can go hiking, boating, snorkeling and diving, and lots more. There are trails in the area connecting The Baths to Devil’s Bay—another stunning beach worth visiting—with an easy, 20-minute hike perfect for a family day out. As well, you’ll want to build in time to visit Top of the Baths, which offers panoramic views of the area plus a restaurant and pool. If you’re staying a bit longer, visit Gorda Peak National Park, which is a protected area offering hiking and gorgeous views from Virgin Gorda’s highest point.

How do you get to the Baths? You can reach Virgin Gorda by plane via its small airport or by ferry from other islands in the British Virgin Islands or the US Virgin Islands.

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