Tongariro National Park, located on New Zealand’s North Island, is full of active volcanoes, plus beautiful lakes and forests—and it has the distinction of becoming New Zealand’s first national park in 1887.

Let’s explore a few highlights of Tongariro National Park!

Tongariro Alpine Crossing

Among the more famous sites in Tongariro National Park is the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. This stretch of 19.4 km makes for an incredible hike for adventurous travelers. On this crossing, you’ll pass volcanic craters and lakes, as well as natural hot springs. Expect to spend six to eight hours total on this trek, depending on your comfort level with hiking.

Mount Ruapehu

An active volcano, Mount Ruapehu is arguably the park’s most famous sight—and between June and October, it becomes a fantastic destination for skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports. During the summer, you can hike the mountain’s trails, making it a wonderful journey any time of the year.

Silica Rapids Track

The Silica Rapids Track is a 7.2 km long hike through the national park, where you’ll see forests, cascades, and if you’re lucky, different types of wildlife.

Tawhai Falls

Further inside Tongariro National Park you’ll find Tawhai Falls—a dramatic waterfall that’s perfect for a nice stop during a hike, and for a meditative, inspiring experience.

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Photo by Asap PANG on Unsplash

Ketetahi Hot Springs

Near the end of the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, you’ll find the Ketetahi Hot Springs. Created by geothermal forces beneath the earth’s crust, these hot springs are a must-see for travelers visiting the park.

Featured image by Timo Volz on Unsplash

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