5 Tips for Confidently Living the Life of Your Dreams

From Retire Early Lifestyle

As we go through life, we pick up ways to be more stress-free and have less conflict in our days. Here are five ways that you can apply these lessons to live your dream.

Identify what's important to you

We have so many choices in our lives that it's stressful just keeping up with them all. Find what's most important to you—big or small—and start eliminating what isn't.

Tip 1

Declutter on a regular basis

Clutter crowds out our minds and bodies, and making us feel chronically stressed and closed in. Start slow—try clearing one shelf, or one drawer, and go from there.

Tip 2

There's no wrong decision here!

Don't let perfection get in the way of decision-making. Let the ideas come in naturally. As you gather more information, you can move to your next step.

Tip 3

Just say "yes"

It's easy to fall into a routine. But what makes you feel secure can also put you into a rut. Try saying "yes" to new things—even simple choices like trying a food you haven't sampled before.

Tip 4

If the plan isn't working, change it

Changing plans when you need to will make you feel more relieved—and the break in tension will be so palpable that you might just laugh! And that's a GREAT idea.

Tip 5