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November 27th, 2013|

Sam Lowy spent some time volunteering on an organic farm and hitchhiking in Hawaii. Spoiler: It was awesome. Here's what he learned from his adventures!

November 12th, 2013|

Drew Goldberg of The Hungry Partier tells us about his amazing bungee jumping experience in Switzerland--and his advice for taking a risk while traveling.

November 5th, 2013|

Our friends from Escaping Pavement lived for several months on a ship, where they learned a ton about making the most from your cruise. Read for tips!

November 1st, 2013|

Akaisha Kaderli tells us about her unexpectedly spooky experience house-sitting a haunted house in Antigua. Grab some popcorn and read on!

October 22nd, 2013|

For most people, Bermuda brings to mind sunny beaches, swaying palm trees and slushy, umbrella garnished drinks. I wish my memories were that idealistic.

October 16th, 2013|

If you want to truly travel like a pro, Connie has excellent advice for you. Read on for tips to become the traveler you've always envied.

October 14th, 2013|

In this interview, I talked with Dani Scism, who volunteered to teach English and support underserved communities in Lima, Peru with International Volunteer HQ. Enjoy!

October 2nd, 2013|

It was 4:30am when I arrived at our college’s ministry building. 25 other students were congregating there. It was March 11th and we were headed to Peru.

August 21st, 2013|

Connie visited Istanbul with her mother one summer. She learned about a beautiful city, beautiful people--and herself. Read on for more.

August 19th, 2013|

Quit your job and travel the world: it's something we've all thought about. And au pairing in Germany is one of the many excellent ways to fund it!

July 24th, 2013|

I had the chance to study abroad at Oxford University for the Michaelmas Term--October to December. Here are four things I learned from the experience!

April 3rd, 2013|

If you want to spice up your life, look no further than Shannon Varis, who spent a week driving across Morocco! Here are her tips for fellow travelers.

April 1st, 2013|

The Arctic Circle is home to Santa, caribou, and the dwindling polar ice cap. What other reasons do you need to add Swedish Lapland to your bucket list?

February 20th, 2013|

I met my sweetheart in The Cinque Terre. I had no idea where the Cinque Terre was. Turns out it's the most gorgeous spot in Italy. Read on for more!

February 13th, 2013|

Filmmaker Mark Denega discusses the ethics of volunteering abroad as well as the process behind creating his voluntourism documentary, "H.O.P.E. Was Here."

January 16th, 2013|

Honduras has been attributed the Murder Capital of the World--a dubious honor for a gorgeous country and amazing people. So how do we fix its image problem?

January 15th, 2013|

Sarah signed on to be a sea turtle research volunteer in Costa Rica one summer. Here's what she expected from the trip versus what she actually experienced!

December 21st, 2012|

Just because you are traveling solo doesn't mean you don't have friends. Here's one story about adventures in couchsurfing in Dublin over Thanksgiving!

October 4th, 2012|

The world has never been more accessible to those who want to get out there and see it. These 46 adventurers reveal their favorite travel spots and advice!

March 3rd, 2012|

Child beggars are very common in developing countries and underserved communities - and your donations don't always benefit them directly. How do you help?