A “Mandatory” Day Trip to Dublin

I had a “mandatory” day trip: 24 hours in Dublin, Ireland. Ok, so my arm wasn’t twisted too hard. I wanted to take a one-way flight from Madrid to New York as I was heading back to the West Coast, and all of the cheapest flights had an overnight layover in Dublin. So, without taking too much time to decide I bought my ticket and asked my Irish friend if I could crash on her couch for two nights. In her friendly Irish way she was happy to have me.

I really only had a day-and-a-half to explore, but I had an amazing time nonetheless! My friend gave me all sorts of great ideas of what to do, so the next morning I took the commuter train up the coast to Bray. It was about a 30-minute, 5-euro trip, so if you’re up that way, I certainly recommend doing this! Since it was an absolutely gorgeous day out I walked along the coastal ridge path that led to Greystones (about 6 km). I had an amazing time checking out the beauty, chatting with the locals, enjoying the seaside…and seeing the wild horses that happened to be at the top of the highest point of my hike.

That night my friend took me to one of the oldest pubs in Dublin where we enjoyed some Guinness and live music. A lovely evening!

The day I left I stayed closer to “home” and explored the streets of downtown Dublin. I definitely would have loved more time and Ireland is certainly on my list of places to return to—hopefully soon!

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