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In addition to Frayed Passport, I help nonprofits and small businesses—including freelancers and entrepreneurs—with online marketing. That includes:

  • Marketing strategy: Either starting from the ground up or realigning.
  • SEO: Getting people to find you on Google search and beyond.
  • Website design and management: If you don’t need a design, my team and I are happy to manage your website, add new content, and make sure it’s up-to-date and secure. Also, I just won an international award for website design!
  • Analytics reports: These help you figure out who your audience is, how your general marketing AND campaigns are performing, and how to reach and engage more people.
  • Contact list cleanup: Honestly one of the best ways to get better open and click-through rates on your emails.
  • Training and support: This is a mishmash of services. Right now I’m helping one company build monthly newsletters, another company with database cleanup, and another one with social media management. When in doubt, email me!

Want to know more? Email or (they both go to the same place) to get started!

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This is how many more Google referrals The Omnibus Publishing saw just one month after starting a comprehensive SEO campaign.
This is how much we boosted HELP USA’s email open rates over six months by making a few simple changes for targeted outreach.
Increase in Pinterest visits over one month for Frayed Passport after implementing a new social media campaign.