Quiz: What’s Your Vacation Style?

Guest post from PGA Catalunya.

Flipping through a vacation brochure and looking up trip options online can be a daunting task. There are so many different types of vacation out there that knowing which travel style is best for you can be a bewildering prospect!

If you’ve found yourself frozen in the face of this vacation deluge—like a rabbit with a suitcase in the headlights—then never fear, because help is here! This short quiz will help you discover what type of vacation style suits you best.

1. You are thinking of booking a vacation. How do you research your choices?

A: Get the butler to do it, of course

B: Hop on Google and start looking at flights, hostels, and campsites

C: Check where the Royal Shakespeare Company is touring this year

D: Can’t research online—there’s sand in all my electronic devices

2. Your vacation is fast approaching and it’s time to pack your bags. What kind of bags will you be filling?

A: A full set of handmade, leather luggage

B: A big backpack/rucksack

C: As long as it fits my opera glasses it doesn’t matter

D: Who cares? As long as it fits a beach towel, shorts, and sunglasses…

3. It’s time for the flight—what is your choice of in-flight entertainment?

A: Caviar and champagne will complement my first-class trip perfectly

B: I’ll read my copy of The Beach. Again.

C: Brahms, Bach, Mozart, and Vivaldi will all keep me company

D: Slapping on the sun cream is entertainment enough

4. You land at your chosen destination. What’s your first port of call?

A: That’s for my chauffer to know

B: Tourist information to check where’s good

C: Opera halls, galleries, theaters… it’s so hard to decide

D: The beach, obviously!

5. It’s time to get a souvenir—what do you choose?

A: My personal shopper will probably pick something nice up

B: Experience is the best thing to bring back

C: A selection of programs from brilliant performances

D: Piles of sand that will pour from my pockets

What your answers reveal…

Mostly As: Only the best will do for you, as you are clearly a deluxe member of the jet set club. Get the servants to pack your bags and book something suitably high-end, like luxury villas in Spain.

Mostly Bs: You are an independent traveller and no travel agent or package holiday is going to tell you what to do. Strap that rucksack to your back and start researching that next adventure because the world’s your oyster.

Mostly Cs: A confirmed culture vulture like yourself feels at home in the great galleries, concert halls and theaters of the world. Perhaps you’d like to go to the Paris Opera for a grand performance, or maybe you should have a staycation and enjoy a summer of art in the UK.

Mostly Ds: Only the beach will do for you, so pack your towel, swimwear, sunglasses, and sunscreen and prepare to soak up some rays on your trip away.

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