We are so excited to announce a new feature on Frayed Passport: each month, we will be sharing with you stories, interviews, downloads, resources, and much more, guiding you through becoming a digital nomad, semi-retiring and traveling the world, and even retiring early to explore new destinations!

Coming Up

Podcast! This month, we’re launching a podcast hosted by our media director Robin, with our founder Sarah occasionally dropping by. Robin will be interviewing some truly fascinating people with stories and advice to help you build a lifestyle where you can work remotely and travel. From fellow nomads, to representatives from official tourism bureaus, and from travel planning experts to freelance and business development advisors, we are thrilled to bring you tips and guidance on living a life on the road.

Articles! We have hundreds already, but we’ll be sharing even more posts following this theme each month. October will be an introduction to digital nomad, semi-retire, and retire-early lifestyles—in the coming months, we’ll focus on individual destinations as well as in-depth looks into budgeting and finance, trip planning, housing, and other topics.

Downloads! Only available to subscribers—we will be releasing in-depth guides and worksheets throughout each month to help you build the lifestyle of your dreams. We’ll also include exclusive interviews and resources not available on the Frayed Passport website.

Discounts and Deals! We are partnering with tour operators and travel companies to bring you exclusive discounts and deals on airfare, accommodation, experiences, and much more—also only available to subscribers.

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Sarah Vandenberg

As the managing editor of Frayed Passport, my goal is to help you build your bucket list, plan your travels, and tell your story. I've been to 20 countries and five continents so far, lived for two years as a full-time digital nomad, and while I'm based in Miami now, I spend one-third of the year traveling to amazing destinations around the world. If you would like to contribute an article to Frayed Passport, feel free to get in touch with me at sarah@frayedpassport.com!