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Is a fabulous ski trip on your bucket list? How about trying one of the awesome ski vacations in Norway? Check out this infographic for tips and advice for where to go, what to do, and how to get there!

Infographic: All About Ski Vacations in Norway - Frayed Passport

Thank you to Crystal Ski Holidays for the infographic!

What to Pack

A good pair of walking shoes for winter activities. If you’re staying in a cabin, then travel speakers and an iPod. -Mike, Product Team

Norwegian Krone – much easier to arrange before you get there. -Dionis, Overseas Team

Getting Everyone There

13: The number of full planes we would need to send over to compete with the population of Geilo. The population density in Norway is the 36th smallest int he world – we’re reassured that the slopes will be quiet.

Transfer Time

The transfer time to Beitostolen is 45 minutes – the same as a lesson in school. It would take longer to get your ski boots fitted.

Sleeping and Eating

Log cabins make the picture perfect in Norway. After a full day skiing everything on offer, you’ll need somewhere comfortable to relax.

140: Number of cabins you would need to stack to reach the highest lift in Geilo. A large pizza costs about 15 pounds in a restaurant in Norway. A human burns an average of 400 to 600 calories while skiing, which makes a holiday in Norway easy on the calories and not too hard on the bank balance.

Night Skiing

170: The number of hours you’d need to ski to power a lightbulb used to illuminate the slopes at night. Luckily, the resort handles the technical requirements of night skiing.

Snow Facts

Snow Range

  • Beitostolen 900-1,107m
  • Geilo 800-1,173m
  • Hemsedal 640-1,497m


  • Beitostolen 35km
  • Geilo 20km
  • Hemsedal 43km

Resort Height

  • Beitostolen 900m
  • Geilo 800m
  • Hemsedal 640m

Longest Run

  • Beitostolen 1.7km
  • Geilo 2km
  • Hemsedal 6km

Highlights of Norway

Pristine and virtually snow-sure runs

Some of the best beginner and intermediate slopes – perfect for learning

English is spoken by nearly everyone – including ski instructors

By far the best for serious cross-country skiing

Night skiing and other winter activities for families and couples

Cosy forest cabins – an excuse to throw on your knitwear and brew up some hot cocoa

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