Marcella S. Meeks

Marcella S. Meeks has been writing since 1988 and has articles and stories published in several publications and newspapers around the country such as The Logansport Tribune, The Mansfield Enterprise, Light and Champion Newspaper and the Bossier Press Tribune; other credits include magazines such as Adelaide Literary Magazine, Funds for Writers, First Writer, Authorship (National Writer’s Association), Primary Treasure (Pacific Press), Guide Magazine (Pacific Press). Smarty Pants for Children, Christian Educator, and God’s Word (Pentecostal Publishing House) to name a few. She graduated from WRITER’S DIGEST SCHOOL of Nonfiction Writing; and ICS School of Short Story/Journalism, as well as The Institute of Children’s Literature: Writing for Children and Teens. In addition to writing, her next greatest passion is traveling around the country with children and grandchildren.