Writing prompts are the best! Two of our posts on the subject have proven to be the most popular ones on Frayed Passport lately. Since y’all seem to like writing prompts so much, here are a few more for you to work with:

1: Travel Guru

The very best travel advice I have for anyone going abroad for the first time is _____. You should pretty much always _____, and you should probably avoid _____.

2: Foodie!

The most surprising thing I’ve ever eaten abroad was _____. It was surprising because _____. I would/would not eat it again because _____.

3: Daydreams

If I could pack everything up right now and go anywhere in the world, it would be _____.

4: Photobomb

Sometimes when I find myself accidentally wandering into someone’s photo, I _____. /(Or…)/ Next time I awkwardly find myself wandering into someone’s photo, I will _____.

5: Sick as a Dog

The sickest I’ve ever been on travel was _____. /(Or…)/ One time I was injured on travel! What happened was _____.

6: Missed Connections

The most intriguing person I’ve met on travel, but am not in touch with now, was _____.

7: Missed Connections, Part 2

The most handsome/most beautiful person I’ve ever seen on travel was _____. I talked to them and _____ /(or…)/ I didn’t talk to them and _____.

8: Desert Island

If I were stranded on a desert island with my first grade teacher and my freshman year English teacher, I would eat this one first: _____. Here’s why.

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